With the fight continuing between Madara Uchiha, Kakashi and Naruto suddenly they get information from intel section that the real Madara Uchiha has appeared in the desert sands and currently fighting Gaara’s company. That leaves Naruto and others in complete darkness as to who the person they are fighting with actually is. With anger and eagerness to stop the fourth great ninja war Guy and Kakashi helps Naruto to launch combined attacks on the mysterious masked person. But they miss him due to his teleportation and non materializing abilities.


At one point Naruto catches him off guard using his famous shadow clone technique and lands a rasengan right on the face. When smoke clears they see a broken mask and a face coming out of the dark. Kakashi and Guy immediately recognizes him. He is Obito Uchiha, once comrade of them who was thought to be dead. Soon after the real Madara Uchiha lands on the battlefield and he seems to know Obotio thought they never met.


The episode ends leaving more questions and suspention.

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